Cardiovascular Intervention Chapter

HKCC CVI Pearls eBook

HKCC CVI Pearls Electronic book (eBook) :

We hope to create a platform for our experienced cardiologists to share with our colleagues especially our fellows their most important pearls and wisdoms in various aspects in the field of percutaneous cardiovascular interventions. The ebook is in powerpoint format for easy reading. Illustrations of tips and tricks through case examples, diagrams and cine images are encouraged. We hope this eBook can serve the purpose of transferring our collective wisdom of CVI onto our younger generation.

You are cordially invited to submit your pearls and wisdom of CVI according to below table of content:

  • Chapter 1 – Vascular access
  • Chapter 2 – Coronary angiogram, left and right heart catheterization
  • Chapter 3 – Guide catheters and wires, guide extension catheters and microcatheters
  • Chapter 4 – Intravascular imaging & coronary physiology
  • Chapter 5 – Bifurcation lesions
  • Chapter 6 – Calcified lesions
  • Chapter 7 – Left main coronary artery disease
  • Chapter 8 – Chronic total occlusions
  • Chapter 9 – Interventions for acute coronary syndrome
  • Chapter 10 – Hemodynamic support
  • Chapter 11 – The prevention and management of complications
  • Chapter 12 – Percutaneous Intervention of peripheral artery disease
  • Chapter 13 – Percutaneous Intervention of structural heart disease
  • Chapter 14 – Miscellaneous

Some key message and format about the slides are as follows: 

  • The eBook is in Microsoft Powerpoint format. Please kindly use the powerpoint template attached. Please kindly include the author name, qualification, and title in the first slide.
  • We encourage the author to share their most important tips and tricks, experience and teaching points in percutaneous cardiovascular interventions. Illustrations through case examples, diagrams and cine images are encouraged. 
  • It is recommended to use larger wording font size and avoid overloading the slides with content. We recommend 30 slides or less for each presentation.
  • We accept original manuscripts for consideration with the understanding that the same material or a substantial part thereof is not presently being considered for publication or has not been published elsewhere. Upon acceptance by the HKCCCVI Pearls eBook, the authors accept to transfer the copyright ownership of the slides to the Hong Kong College of Cardiology.
  • The editorial board of the HKCCCVI Pearls eBook had the right to accept, edit or reject the submission.

If you are too busy to write up your wisdom, our energetic young Co-editor can come to talk with you and write for you as co-author.

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