Heart Health Education

Jump Rope For Heart




In recent years, the prevalence of coronary heart disease in Hong Kong is still on the rise. It is worrying that doctors are nowadays seeing younger patients with heart disease. This is related to unhealthy lifestyle such as poor eating habits, obesity, smoking and lack of physical exercise.

In order to disseminate the heart health message to our young generation and encourage them to do regular exercise, a fun-filled dynamic program, called "Jump Rope for Heart Program" (JRFH), was launched in October 1999, with the staunch support from the Education Bureau (EDB) and the Department of Health.


Our Mission


To motivate our young generation to adopt a heart healthy lifestyle through exercise, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.



  The Jump Rope for Heart Program is composed of 4 parts:
(i) Teaching Skipping Skills
(ii) Heart Health Education
(iii) Fund Raising
(iv) Organizing "Jump Off Day"

Details Website : https://www.jumprope.org.hk/